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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

We are Ray Sessions UK. We are registered in England and Wales under company number 12686312 and have our registered office at Landmarkshed 3, Fargo Village, Far Gosford Street, Coventry, CV1 5ED, United Kingdom. We are a limited company. To contact us, please email: info@raysessions.co.uk


  • The terms of condition are between two Ray Sessions also referred to as the service provider and the client.
    The purpose of the terms and conditions is to make everything clear between the service provider and the client.

02.Services Offered

  • Ray Sessions offer a wide range of services including: recording sessions, mixing and mastering, videography, graphic design, music publishing, music marketing, branding and social media management.

03.Pricing and Payment Terms

  • • Our studio rates fluctuate depending on the engineer hosting the Our basic rates start at £35 for 1 hour, £60 for 2 hours, £95 for 3 hours, £120 for 4 hours, £155 for 5 hours & £180 for 6 hours. If the client requests a studio session which runs over 6 hours, the price is negotiated between the client and service provider. The basic studio rates don’t apply for the engineers Saint & Nathan as they have different rates (see our booking price list for more info).
  • • A non refundable deposit of £20 is required to confirm your studio booking. 50% upfront deposit is required to confirm any other service than studio The deposit is also non refundable.
  • • Our music videography package starts at £500 yet the client may request alternative options which start from £800 as well as above £1500. All music videos require a 50% deposit to be paid upfront to confirm the booking and 50% when all footage is filmed.
  • • Our mix & master service price starts at £150. The client is can request up to 5 amendments until he/she is happy with the The service requires a 50% upfront deposit.
  • • Our graphic design service price starts at £200 and requires a 50% upfront deposit.
  • • Our photography packages start at a price of £250 and require a 50% upfront The client will have an option to receive the photos in a RAW format as well as edited.
  • • Our publishing bundle requires a monthly direct debit of £10. The direct debit can be cancelled at any Once cancelled the subscription will run for the remaining days of the month paid for.
  • • Music marketing/branding & social media marketing require a prior consultation before a quote can be drawn up. The consultation is billed at £35 per hour. The meeting can happen in person at our studio or online via Zoom. The money has to be paid upfront before the meeting can Commense
  • • We accept: cash, bank transfer & Bitcoin.
  • • Any late payments for the attainment of our services would incur an interest rate of 10% per week.

04.Project Scope and Deliverables

  • • The client receives a mix down of his/her’s recording at the end of each session. The client will receive an in-studio mix from the engineer.
  • • We aim to turn around our video projects within a month. The client is set to receive the first draft within 2 weeks at which he/she is welcome to make any amendments necessary to finish the project.
  • • Clients who request a mix and master will receive their product within a week of the deposit being paid.
  • • We aim to turn around our photography projects within 2 weeks of the deposit being paid.
  • • Clients who have purchased our graphic design service will have receive their product within 2 weeks of receiving desposit.The client can request up to 3 amendments, any further amendments will be charged.
  • We provide a yearly release plan for your music with our publishing plan. The artist keeps 100% of his/her royalties and is welcome to set up a monthly meeting to discuss their release plan. Ray Sessions is not liable to upkeep the deadlines specified in the release plan as it is completely the artists responsibility to stick to the schedule and have all the accompanying assets i.e. artwork, mix & mastered track ready for release.

05.Intellectual Property

  • • The client owns the ownership of their recording as long as the studio session is paid for.
  • • If the client gets invited to record for one of our in house productions, Ray Sessions retains 100% of the ownership of the recording/project. The service provider will therefore have authority on the royalty splits of the recordings.
  • • The service provider has 0% ownership of any other project recorded by the service provider for the client.
  • • Ray Sessions may showcase any work carried out by them for display in their However the client has the right to object this.

06.Client Responsibilities

  • • The service provider will always fulfil the requirements to ensure the client gets the quality they have paid for.
  • • The client is required to arrive on time for his/her recording Time lost at fault of the client may not be compensated.

07.Revisions and Amendments

  • • Any additional revisions after a videography project has been signed off by the service provider will incur an extra charge of £50 per hour until the client is satisfied with the final product.

08.Cancellation and Refunds

  • • You may cancel your studio session at any However if you cancel within 48 hours of your scheduled booking you may not receive a refund for your purchase. If you cancel over 48 hours before your scheduled booking you can reschedule your session for free as long as it is within the next 2 weeks. If you want to reschedule after 2 weeks of your initial booking you will have to pay another deposit to confirm your booking.
  • • There is a no refund policy for any services provided by Ray Sessions for cancellations.
  • • All deposits are non-refundable.


  • • The project agreement can be cancelled at any time if both parties agree to it. Other than that the project agreement can only be cancelled if there is a breach of contract by one of the parties as specified on the agreement.
    • We don’t require a notice period for termination of contract. We would appreciate as much time in advance as possible to avoid any time loss.
    • If the project is terminated by the client, the client is not required to pay the remaining 50% of the fee but the deposit is non refundable.
    • If the project is terminated by the service provider the deposit can be refunded by the service providers discretion.


  • • All confidential information obtained by the service provider will be kept private inline with the law and our privacy policy.
  • • All sensitive information which is collected by the service provider will be stored securely on our database and inline with our privacy policy.

11.Force Majeure

  • • Unforeseeable events or health emergencies among the production team can cause a delay for the project turn around. During those circumstances, the service provider is required to communicate with the client and re-schedule the turn around date as soon as possible.


  • • Both parties have to sign and date an agreement before any project can commence.
  • • Clients are encouraged to carefully read and understand the terms before Once the agreement has been signed there is no going back. This is a formal binding contract between the service provider and the client. This formal agreement helps protect both parties interests and ensures a clear understanding of the working relationship.

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