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Frequently Asked Questions

The easiest way to get featured on our platform is to jump on a Ray On The Run freestyle. A freestyle that is recorded live; both audio and video from the driver seat of one of our videographers at your chosen location.

Yes, you may, you got to start somewhere! We don’t have any requirements regarding having music prior released, as long as you are good and passionate about your music we are happy to showcase you on our channel. Here at Ray’s we can guide you and help shape your direction as an artist too.

No, Coldest Bars is the biggest freestyle show in Coventry and on our platform. You cannot pay to be featured. It is a show that gets curated based on talent. We choose all the artists that get featured based on the work that they put into themselves I.e. quality of music, consistency of releasing and social media presence.

The best way to get featured on our events is to get involved with our platform and be consistent with uploading your music. Book your studio sessions here at Ray Studio, get a music video with one of our videographers, get your tracks mixed and mastered with our engineers etc. That way you get to meet the creatives first hand and your work will be in the spotlight where you can get chosen for the next opportunity.

Yes, your track does get an in studio mix but it is not release ready without a proper mix and master. We offer that as a separate service.

No, unfortunately we have a non smoking policy here in the studio.

Yes we do offer billboard promo as one of our marketing methods to boost awareness of your release.

You are welcome to bring up to 4 friends with you to your booking. We have 4 seated seats available.

We have a ‘Shoes off, Slides on’ policy in the studio because first of all we want to keep our studio a clean environment and also want to make you feel comfortable so you can focus on the recording process. We find that people who are in slides are more comfortable than in trainers and this helps them focus on getting a better take on the mic.

The slides get cleaned every night after use to ensure they are fresh for when you come for your next booking.

We can’t guarantee walk in sessions as it is down to the engineer who’s in the studio. It is best to pre book your session to avoid any disappointment.

We have a deposit system in place to protect our engineers from wasting their time in case the artist doesn’t show up to their session. The deposit is £20 and has to be paid in prior your booking gets confirmed. The deposit is preferred to be transferred directly into our bank account.

Yes, we accept cash

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