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We are a music recording studio & Coventry’s No.1 music platform with years of experience in music production, video production and content creation. We host our own music events and run our YouTube platform showcasing the creme de la creme of the local creative scene. We record and produce all the content in our multi functional music studio located in heart of Fargo Village. We are the one stop shop to all your creative needs; offering you a range of high quality creative services such as: recording sessions, mixing and mastering, videography, photography, graphic design and music publishing.

We showcase artists within our network on all our social media platforms as well as via our YouTube shows available exclusively on our YouTube and music streaming platforms. Tap in, get connected.


Our Mission

Ray Sessions is more than just a production company. We are a brand that empowers all the service creators, artists and our audiences with the content we produce for our platform and for our clients. We are inspired to continue to provide uncensored content showcasing the reality of artists perspective. We will upkeep the quality we provide and ensure that each project which gets taken on at the studio gets the attention it deserves. Making sure that each party involved benefits equally from the project.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create an eco system of financial freedom for our network of creatives, family and friends. We are always open to collaborate with brands who’s brand ethos are aligned with ours; ensuring everyone involved gets empowered and that the message we spread is positive for our audiences. We are inspired by our pristine work ethic, the skill of our service providers and the talent we are surrounded by. We want to take your music to the NEXT level. We want to give everyone an equal chance to develop their talent despite their background, ethnicity, colour and lifestyle. We believe in second chances. We believe in rehabilitating.

Awesome People
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CEO, Founder,
Video Director


Producer, Graphic Designer, Engineer, Co-Founder




Videographer, Editor


Producer, Engineer




Producer, Engineer

Junior NRB


DJ Highgrade



Music Producer



How We Work


Talk to us about your idea and what would you like to achieve.


Create a plan of action for your project and schedule it in for execution.


Bring your idea into reality.

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