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Recording Sessions

Recording Sessions, where the best is recorded

Record your next track in our recording space – Ray Studio; located in the heart of Fargo Village on Far Gosford Street, Coventry. Our unit in Fargo Village has been specially personalised to create a magical experience for you to record. We have a selection of engineers that will provide you with all the tools necessary to make a banger. You can choose the colour of our LED lights to personalise the vibe of your experience.

Both our producers and engineers are very diverse and specialise in recording/producing different genres i.e. Rap, Hip-Hop, Drill, RnB, Soul, Afro-Beat, Dancehall, DNB and more. You can request your session to be with an engineer of your choice based on the genre you wish to record. You will get an in studio mix during the session.

Moreover, if you are in need of an instrumental, our producers have full hard drives of beats ready to be used. You can view our Beatstars for examples. For more experienced artists who are interested in exclusive beats, we offer an in studio cook up with our producers. For a set fee you can experience the production of your instrumental from scratch; witness the producer build it, layer by layer for you to then record your lyrics here and there.

For more information please email us at: info@raysessions.co.uk alternatively you can book directly via the website. 

Recording Sessions