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Mix and Mastering

Mix and Mastering, where the best is heard

At Ray Sessions we offer high quality mix and mastering services to give your music the industry edge. It is essential that your next track has a mix and master it deserves to reach new heights. Our sound engineers can take your sound to the next level.

It is paramount to mix and master your track before publishing to ensure the highest sound quality. The quality of your mix is what is going to make people connect with your music and become fans. You want your song to sound as crisp and loud as any song on the radio, with Ray Sessions mix and master you can rest assured.

Do you feel that your track is lacking value or balance when you play it alongside other people’s music? If so it’s likely that your track requires mastering. With the option of a 3x return re-editing token, we can guarantee you will be impressed with your master.

For more information on getting your track mixed and mastered please email us at: info@raysessions.co.uk 

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